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Typogami by Calango

Typogami is an animated typeface by Calango of Amsterdam. There’s a neat video that is worth your while. Watch how the letters fold into beautiful letterforms. There’s a deep satisfying feeling I get watching flat surfaces transform into something new. I guess that’s why they call it innovation.

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Cobra and other stunning origami animals

By Matthieu Georger. His other work is pretty stunning too.

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Extra Extra Small Origami by Anja Markiewicz

Incredibly Small Origami by Anja Markiewicz paper origami

Incredibly Small Origami by Anja Markiewicz paper origami

Incredibly Small Origami by Anja Markiewicz paper origami

Incredibly Small Origami by Anja Markiewicz paper origami

Incredibly Small Origami by Anja Markiewicz paper origami

Incredibly Small Origami by Anja Markiewicz paper origami

Incredibly Small Origami by Anja Markiewicz paper origami

Paper artist Anja Markiewicz folds these impossibly small origami pieces using sheets of paper smaller than an inch in width. Many more examples here.

via Colossal http://www.thisiscolossal.com/2011/08/incredibly-small-origami-by-anja-markiewicz/

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Stunning Origami Solarcell Lamps Are Made From Folded Photovoltaic Panels!

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Korea-born, Eindhoven-based Joon & Jung‘s Origami Solarcell is a polygonal low-energy LED lamp that is completely powered by the sun’s energy. The pendant lights are made from a flexible photovoltaic material that is folded into a 3D lamp using origami techniques. The flat-pack multi-faceted lights are still in the prototype stage, but we hope to see these innovative, energy-efficient designs hit store shelves in the near future.

Photo © Joon & Jung

via INHABITAT http://inhabitat.com/stunning-origami-solarcell-lamps-are-made-from-folded-photovoltaic-panels/

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Light and shadow sculptures by Kumi Yamashita

Let’s take a look at “Origami,” the latest work of artist Kumi Yamashita. Like magic, she uses just a simple piece of paper and her fingers to create the silhouette of faces.

And she even does caricatures! Among them are some recognizable faces, like Angela Merkel:

source: Fubiz

via Spoon & Tamago http://www.spoon-tamago.com/2012/08/29/light-and-shadow-sculptures-by-kumi-yamashita

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Origami-Inspired Furniture by Zhang & Thonsgaard

I love seeing designers take origami concepts to make furniture bc folding wood and steel is just a *tad* bit harder than folding paper. In this post, you’ll see repeating shapes that folds up into some quirky styled furniture. By Berlin+Beijing designers Zhang & Thonsgaard.

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Luminous Origami Art Installation Displays Digital Information at Bremen University Library

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The University of the Arts in Bremen, Germany, created a luminous interior installation made entirely from folded paper. The sculptural paper panels float through the Library staircase´s from the street level to the fourth floor, and changing text and images are projected onto them to make the library’s information more readily available to students.

via INHABITAT http://inhabitat.com/luminous-origami-art-installation-displays-digital-information-at-bremin-university-library/

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Design and origami in music

Design and origami in music exhibition was held last month at the International Museum and Library of Music in beautiful Bologna, Italy. Created by Elisa Cavani and Marisa Cortese and organized by Manoteca and Nipponica, this immersive and interactive exhibition played with the evocative power of origami and music. It’s aim focused on the intention to redefine the space, creating harmony between natural elements, sound, paper. Upon arrival, the visitor will not only be a spectator, but become part of the space by playing and creating.

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Origami Thanksgiving

Loved the geeky article over at Wired about Thanksgiving at MIT – origami style. That’s how they roll.


Good Tippers Give the Gift of Origami

I never know if the tip I leave at a restaurant goes to my server, the entire group of servers or the restaurant. If I’m able to correctly follow the tricks from the Dollar Origami book, the origami model might entice my server to stealthily keep the tip, which will ensure the tip I leave goes to the right person. Might you give it a try?