Crimson Collective’s Coachella Crane

It’s no secret the crane is one of origami’s most beloved symbol. Now, it is also become a symbol for Southern California’s Coachella Music and Arts Festival. Displayed at the festival’s entrance, this 35,000 pound crane was built on site by the amazing team at Crimson Collective. This birdie is made of modular aluminum tubes, a mesh fabric called Textilene, and measures 45 ft tall with a 150 ft wingspan. The crane’s multi-colored LED lighting is powered by two adjacent photovoltaic stations that also serve as benches and canopies. What a beautiful site to see, wish I was there to experience it!

favorite secret messages

Since Valentine’s Day is approaching, I thought I’d share some mushiness. When clients checkout at, they have an opportunity to insert a secret note alongside the gift that is gifted. Here are my favorite secret notes…Happy (early) Valentines Day!

valentine's day

“I hope this crane means as much to you as the one you gifted me.”

“You are One in a Million, here is One of a Thousand to get you started. I love you.”

“Our love and constant concern and hopes are with you both. May you both find strength for this difficult time.”

“For my little origami bird on our zero anniversary.”

“You left me a little folded crane once. I still have it in my room. Here is one in return.”

“In remembrance of our special times together. You will always be my beautiful, precious baby girl. Love always! Dad”

“To my favorite fish in the sea: Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.”

“Hi, Mom. Remember that conversation we had with Mrs. Best about origami to help with the effects of Parkinsons disease? Well, these were so cute; I thought you might like to give them to her.”

“I love you. Welcome back home. You’re were always on my mind…”