Origami Tessellation dress by Romina Goransky

Romina Goransky, an origami teacher based in Buenos Aires, Argentina created this beautiful origami tessellation dress to wear for her brother’s wedding. A ten day project, the dress was built using two pleated pieces and hand sewn using taffeta, which is a crisp, smooth plain woven fabric made from silk or synthetic fibers, which is also used to line clothing. Prior to sewing the pieces together, they created a treatment for the fabric by mixing glue and water so that the pleat would remain in its shape while the fabric was hand folded.

What a beautiful dress!

8 thoughts on “Origami Tessellation dress by Romina Goransky

  1. the drees is gorgeous!!!!! and romina is great! she’s all about the passion!!!

  2. what an amazing and imaginative piece of work…. of lately i have discovered so many persons taking origami to such heights… scattered all over the world… it is good to know that you are into teaching this discipline… we need more such people to take the education out of the rut of boring practices…

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  4. Whow, I didn’t know that the tesselation technique was that difficult. I would have loved to wear something like this for my wedding day.

  5. Is there a tutorial to make this?
    I find it very interesting and would like to try it for myself. :)

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